Microsoft Dynamics 365 Offered in Two Editions

AZ Dust storm during Directions Conference and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Session Track.
AZ Dust storm during Directions Conference and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Session Track.

Could it have been a divine message?  Last week I was at the Directions North America 2016 Conference in Arizona to attend the sessions related to the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering, Microsoft’s first ERP SaaS offering to be launched soon. As if to make sure the Microsoft partners in attendance get the point that big changes are on their way for their industry, the last afternoon of the conference we were hit by a 4,000 foot tall dust cloud that rolled across the desert plain enshrouding everything in its path between the San Tan Mountains and the Estrella Mountains. Like this massive dust storm, ERP cloud solutions are going to affect how all organizations function and how they deploy CRM and ERP solutions.

The changes on the horizon with Microsoft’s CRM/ERP solutions involve the product launch of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition. This will be Microsoft’s first true ERP SaaS offering, although Microsoft CRM Online has always been a true SaaS solution. Also, Dynamics CRM will now be marketed more like a role, suite or module of the overall Microsoft Dynamics 365 offerings.

Here is what both Microsoft Dynamics 365 editions will encompass:

·        Dynamics CRM and Dynamics AX will come together to create the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Enterprise edition” and will “allow customers to license Dynamics 365 by application (Financials, Operations, Sales, Marketing, etc.).” The Dynamics 365 For Marketing offering details haven’t been announced yet, but check out this recent press release about a new relationship with Adobe.

·        Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Editionincludes Dynamics 365 for Financials (based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV), CRM functions, and eventually the Dynamics 365 For Marketing (new offering mentioned above). Dynamics 365 For Financials  was pre-released as Project Maderia. This is a cloud only offering and will not be available as an on premise solution. Although Dynamics 365 for Financials is based on the popular Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution, it is not your father’s NAV. Some new functionality has been added to the solution and it has been optimized for small to medium sized enterprises. To see a trial version of this the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Financials, visit

Being integrated with Microsoft’s Office 365 platform for email, reporting, document management, and collaboration, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition provides a truly centralized, all-encompassing business platform that meets and exceeds the needs of businesses. To learn more about how the many advantages of an integrated office, CRM and ERP solution can help your business boost efficiency and gain maximum benefit from the business systems investment, contact The TM Group online or call 888-482-2864. 

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