Forbes: Dynamics 365 a Player in ‘Business Transformation.

In a recent Bitglass survey, it is significant that more and more companies and organizations are becoming  increasingly confident (52%) with the cloud security compared to “premised based apps”---up from 40% a year ago.

Spotlighting this trend, notes the survey, is the SaaS offering of Microsoft Office 365 in the Azure cloud, due to the growing acceptance of security in the cloud.

“Now 61 percent of organizations have existing or planned Office 365 deployments, up from 45 percent last year. Google Apps deployments are down from 29 percent in 2015 to 26 percent this year.”

Microsoft’s cloud solutions, particularly with the upcoming, November 1st launch of Dynamics 365, bundles the robust processing capabilities of both ERP and CRM into a single software package. This provides SMB owners with an integrated solution for management all of their financials, sales and operations.

At its core, Dynamics 365 will be modeled after Office 365, Microsoft’s “Office in-the-cloud service.”  Forbes categorizes  Dynamics 365 as an important component to the “business transformation” taking place in the digital landscape:

“The technology will integrate with Office 365 to connect the ‘structured workflow’ of business apps with the ‘unstructured workflow’ of collaboration and productivity.”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is unique from all other ERP products because it empowers users to utilize the Microsoft stack and work inside of Microsoft Outlook while handling financials, sales, purchasing, CRM and other related tasks. Historically users have been the point of integration between business processes and the tools they use in Microsoft Office like email, excel spreadsheets and word processing. This meant a lot of time flipping between apps and a lot of cutting and pasting, or double entry. This is even more common with ERP systems like Sage, SAP, etc. which have no native integration with the personal productivity tools. Dynamics 365 connects the structured workflow of business apps and the unstructured work of collaboration and productivity which empowers employees and gives them a much more productive experience.

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Written by B.H (Sales team)

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