CIO Magazine: Successful ERP System Implementation Requires Understanding ‘Current Processes’

A lot of buzzwords, like change management, and ERP acronyms, such as Saas and IaaS, may need to be de-mystified when vetting providers and understanding the ERP system implementation process.

But the pre-sales and final steps to ERP system implementation should begin with getting the upper suite on board. Doing so, notes CIO magazine, bodes well for a choosing the right ERP software and its eventual deployment. This means more than a simple ‘sign off’ on each step: it requires drilling-down on the company’s “current maximize (future) business benefits and efficiencies.

A good rule-of-thumb? Never assume that all the stakeholders and assigned users of the new system understand the big picture, and how the coming changes with the ERP system implementation and deployment will ultimately affect their day-to-day roles in the company.

Stay away from ERP selections based predominantly on price, or the ‘loudest’ vendor messaging. Make certain the system is a good fit for your specific business requirements; moreover, question the need for customizing your system---at least initially---until you understand the default features and templates offered with the new system. Typically, customizing the software produces higher upfront costs, not to mention the expense to follow when upgrading the system.

Furthermore, it goes without saying that today’s ERP systems should utilize the many benefits found through cloud-hosting services, including enhanced productivity through “smartphones and tablets.” As such, and for Dynamics ERP, Microsoft Azure provides access to robust applications like Office 365 that includes Exchange, Outlook and specific modules within SharePoint. More importantly, Azure was the first cloud service to be totally in compliance with HIPPA, ISO 2700,1, ISO 27018 and EU Model Clauses.

Contact us. Discover the ‘Dynamics Difference,’ and leverage the power of SaaS through Microsoft’s Azure cloud-hosting services.

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