Top 5 Reasons to Buy NetSuite from a Local Partner

Here’s what you don’t know about NetSuite.

When you buy NetSuite direct, you’re speaking with a voice in a very large phone room. The voice of a person who is essentially a telemarketer, working to make his or her number. A quota really. Once they’ve closed the deal, they effectively step out of the picture and you’re on your own.

Now you may think: “It’s Software as a Service (SaaS), right? I just download it and away we go!” But it’s not quite that simple. Even in a SaaS model, you still want the software to conform to your business processes. Even in a SaaS model, there’s a learning curve and it takes time, effort, and software configurations to make it work exactly how you need it to work.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that you’re not going to need help and support. That’s where your local partner comes in, because there are definite advantages to purchasing NetSuite from a local partner, establishing that relationship and moving forward with a partner you can count on.

Here are the top five reasons it is better to work with a NetSuite partner:

  • Your partner makes sure that YOUR NetSuite implementation reflects YOUR company's business processes
  • Your partner is within driving distance of YOUR offices
  • Your partner enjoys face-to-face meetings with clients
  • Your partner wants and needs to understand YOUR unique business requirements
  • Your partner provides LOCAL services, support and training

The NetSuite direct team does not have a good reputation for getting implementations done. They have a certain number of hours set aside for your implementation and when those hours are used up, they move on. They have no incentive to make sure that your implementation is completed, and even more importantly, that your implementation is completed to your satisfaction.

With locations across United States, the TMC team can help you leverage your business wherever you are. No matter where you are, we will be your LOCAL NetSuite partner.

You can contact TMC (Technology Management Concepts) by phone at (310) 559-3982, by email at, or online at

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