Get Security Out of the Closet with Cloud ERP

Cloud banner4-8The cloud has reached a tipping point. Business owners who were more comfortable with servers in the closet, now understand that their internal or hired IT teams can’t provide security to match that delivered by cloud providers. A forgotten backup or mistakenly deleted database can mean disaster for your business.

Security is a job for experts

The security risks of today are not for amateurs. Between ransomware, data theft and malware, you need professionals to protect your business data. With cloud solutions, specialized professionals are dedicated to keeping your data safe. Backups are not left to chance or memory. Service level agreements give you the peace of mind to focus on your business instead of on the risks.

With a cloud-based financial management system you can:

  • Focus on the business, knowing that your customer’s data as well as you own is secure and protected.
  • Maintain operations, even in a disaster, with redundant cloud facilities unaffected by regional catastrophes.
  • Comply with industry and government regulations and be prepared to meet the scrutiny of potential investors.

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