5 Reasons You Should Choose Cloud ERP Over On-Premise

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Making the choice between on-premise ERP and cloud-based ERP can be hard. After all, the data that goes into your ERP system is vital to your business operations, so it’s a big decision.

Here at FMT we believe that cloud computing is an important part of the future of technology, so we’d like to make this decision a bit easier for you by listing 5 ways cloud ERP can help your business thrive.

1. Affordable Implementation

If there’s one big selling point for cloud ERP it’s that it's extremely easy and affordable to implement.

With cloud ERP there’s no need to buy all that expensive hardware to host your data like you would with an on-premise system. You also won’t need to pay for the employee hours needed to maintain that hardware since it’s all taken care of by the vendor.

These two factors combined make sure that a cloud ERP implementation won’t eat up your budget, so you can use those savings to improve your business.

2. It Improves Productivity

With an easy implementation comes increased productivity. With cloud ERP systems, you have much less downtime. This means you can carry on business as usual, instead of putting your processes on hold while your system gets up and running.

Cloud ERP also allows for a greater degree of automation. Since the information is stored and accessible in the cloud, systems like online order management can always have the most current figures when it comes to things like inventory. This alleviates the need to copy and paste data from one source to another, as well as facilitating a more exceptional customer experience.

3. You Can Take It Anywhere

Cloud ERP allows your employees to find information whenever and wherever they need it – all they need is a device with internet connection.

For example, your Sales department could access inventory levels, order statuses, and more all while on the go. They won’t have to worry about their information being up to date either since all data is updated and uploaded to the cloud in real-time.

There’s also no need to worry about lost or stolen data if it needs to be accessed outside the office since no information needs to be stored locally on an individual’s device. Every user also has a password protected account, so when that laptop bag gets lost at the airport, your whole business doesn’t have to be lost with it.

4. It’s Secure

We know giving up control and making the switch to Cloud ERP can be scary. The information you keep in an ERP system is vital to your business, and entrusting it to someone outside of your business is a big step.

But don’t worry, Cloud ERP systems are extremely secure.

Cloud ERP vendors have very strict expectations for their security, and most actually offer better security services than most businesses could afford in-house. Vendors are held accountable by a multitude of customers who have entrusted their data to the Cloud, and that’s good news for your business because it means there won’t be any cut corners when it comes to keeping your data safe.

5. It Can Grow with You

If your business is growing, or you just need more computing power at certain times of the year, cloud ERP can help.

Cloud ERP can easily scale up and down depending on your business needs so you don’t have to re-implement every time something changes.

Interested in Cloud ERP? FMT Can Help

If you’re interested in Cloud ERP and all its benefits, FMT can help. We have over 20 years of experience implementing business solutions and care deeply about the success of your business. We also have a dedicated team of experts who can answer any questions you might have about cloud ERP through NetSuite, Dynamics ERP, or SAP Business ByDesign.

Contact us today!

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