20 Questions about NetSuite – Asked and Answered

Have you ever played the “20 Questions” game?

I’ve always loved that game. But it involves a lot of guess work. The 20 questions about NetSuite listed below involve no guess work at all. There are 20 basic informational questions about NetSuite, the world’s #1 Integrated ERP/CRM Cloud Solution. Just in case you’re new to business management software systems, I should note that ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.

Let’s cut right to the chase. This Q&A is based on an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). If you’re evaluating business management software for your company, I’m sure that you’re eager to get answers to these most frequently asked questions.

# Question Answer
1 Is the subscription service hosted by the vendor? Yes
2 What technology is NetSuite on? Proprietary - on Oracle Platform
3 Is NetSuite also available on premise? No
4 Are functions beyond accounting available, such as CRM? Yes
5 Is the software priced per user or by computing power? Per named user
6 Is there a minimum user count? No
7 Is there a required 12 month annual contract? Yes
8 Can I control when the software is upgraded? No
9 Are there add-on ISV tools available? Yes
10 How often are upgrades done? Twice a year
11 Does the software offer role-based views or dashboards? Yes
12 How many entities/companies are included in base price? 1
13 How much storage included? (Additional available for fee) 10GB
14 Can I buy NetSuite directly and/or through a partner? Either
15 Can I access the software from a mobile device, like a tablet? Yes
16 Will NetSuite or the partner I bought from provide support? Either
17 Does vendor provide tech support included in monthly fee? No
18 Does NetSuite offer vertical industry-specific solutions? Yes
19 Does NetSuite offer a built-in e-commerce platform? Yes
20 Is NetSuite geared for small, medium or large companies? All

It’s always possible that you have more than 20 questions, but these 20 are a great start toward understanding the basics of how NetSuite is delivered and what your subscription includes.

For more information, you can read scores of blog posts about NetSuite right here on the ERP Cloud Blog.

For more information about NetSuite, please visit http://www.tmgroupinc.com/ or call The TM Group toll free at 888-482-2864. Founded in 1984, The TM Group is a full-service provider of software applications, including NetSuite ERP and CRM. Offering an all-in-one CRM, ERP and e-commerce solution, NetSuite’s native cloud based solutions are perfect for start-up and mid-size businesses.

By The TM Group, www.tmgroupinc.com

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