What We Know Now About Microsoft Dynamics 365

The short answer is that we don’t quite know yet, although we wish we did! We do hope to have answers as the launch date approaches, and not after the fact. Nonetheless, there are a few more details that we can now share.

Dynamics 365 Editions

There will be two! The “Business Edition” and the “Enterprise Edition.”  We currently know quite a bit more about the Business Edition than about the Enterprise Edition.

Business Edition
Built on Azure
Office 365
Azure IoT
AppSource (app store)
Scheduled to be included in the future:

We might assume that the Enterprise Edition will include all of the above, but no details have been released to absolutely confirm that.

What we do know is that the Business Edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be optimized for 10-250 employees with a maximum of 300 employees, while the Enterprise Edition will be optimized for 250+ employees. We also know that the Enterprise Edition will “comprise AX and CRM.”

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Edition Release Calendar

It’s not a whole lot, as you can see below, but here’s what we know so far about release dates. We’ve put “Business Plan” in quotation marks because exactly what that is has yet to be defined. Please note that the release dates below are all for the Business Edition. Dates for the Enterprise Edition, to the best of our knowledge, have not been announced.

Features Dates
Financials available in the U.S. and Canada Q4 CY16
Sales and Marketing available worldwide CY17
Financials available in 4 additional countries CY17
“Business Plan” available CY17

For more details, we suggest visiting www.microsoft.com/Dynamics365 from time to time. And/or, you can always attend Summit 2016 in Tampa, October 11-14, where you can be “among the first to see Microsoft Dynamics 365 in action.” We’re hoping that “in action” means the real deal!

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