Deep Dive into the Unique Pricing Structure of Acumatica 

What makes the pricing structure of Acumatica unique? Simply stated, Acumatica pricing is not user-based. There are no per-user fees. How does this benefit your company? As they like to say at Acumatica, we don’t charge a “growth tax,” meaning that your price does not automatically increase as the number of your users grows.

So, how does the software pricing work?

Instead of buying a software license for each employee, Acumatica is sold by “resource level,” which essentially translates into processing power and data storage. Like t-shirts, there’s small, medium, large and multiple XL sizes to fit just about any midsize company. The small resource level will typically satisfy the needs of companies with up to 25 users. Having said that, a company with 100 users could in theory continue to operate at the small resource level, depending on how the system is being utilized and how many transactions are being processed per hour. Performance might be effected during peak usage hours, but the rest of time the system may be performing to your satisfaction.

Thus, it’s really up to you insofar as when you want to upgrade to the next resource level and when. If speed at all times is critical and you have users completing more advanced tasks on a regular basis, you may want to consider upgrading your resource level.

Another cool and unique thing about resource levels, announced at the recent Acumatica Summit in Orlando, is that you can now easily change resource levels based on seasonal requirements. These “bursts” as they’re called, can be done on a monthly or quarterly basis!
À la carte

Acumatica best serves up ERP flexibility for mid-market customers. They offer three distinct product editions – Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise – with features sets that vary based on the functionality requirements. From there, Acumatica pricing works like many restaurants. Your main course, would be the Financial Management modules (GL, AP, AR, etc...) From here, you can add as many à la carte dishes as you want or need to consume, such as modules for Distribution Management, Customer Management, a customer portal, carrier integration and the like. All in one integrated system.

It may sound a bit complicated because your cost will depend on a combination of resource level, software edition and modules. But not to worry, as your partner we’ll be conducting the discovery required to determine the resource and package you need to run your business smoothly, without any bells and whistles you don’t need.

From the horse’s mouth

If you wander over to the pricing page on the Acumatica Web site, you’ll find why they have created this distinctive model. Here’s what it says, verbatim, from the horse’s mouth:

“The flexibility of Acumatica extends beyond functionality into our unique pricing model. Unlike traditional ERP vendors, the Acumatica price is NOT based on the number of your users. Acumatica allows you unlimited users.

We believe that everyone in your company needs up-to-date and accurate information to make the best decisions. Add casual users, suppliers, and customers to grow and expand your business without the additional license cost each time you want to include a user into business information system. The Acumatica cost to you is based on the features and resources that you choose to utilize.”

In Summary – Ultimate Price Flexibility

Acumatica is not a “one-size-fits-all software platform.” Thank goodness, because your company’s unique business requirements and processes demand a platform that conforms to those parameters and pricing that conforms, too. Acumatica has functionality to fit every business and pricing to fit every budget. Acumatica’s pricing is flexible enough to fit your small, to midsize, to enterprise-level needs.

Last but not least, the pricing differs depending on whether you choose a SaaS, Hosted or Purchase option. The freedom of choice empowers ultimate price flexibility!

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