Why Cumulus Media Moved Their GP to the Cloud

With over 450 radio stations in 90 markets across the United States, Cumulus Media was running into some serious problems disseminating information from their single, centralized Microsoft Dynamics GP database which they maintained on-site in Atlanta, Georgia.

Their business was evolving and they needed better accessibility, better scalability, better reliability, and better support.

They turned to Socius to handle the support portion of their needs and discovered that Socius could address all of the other areas of concern as well.  With Socius, they upgraded their Dynamics GP solution and moved it to the cloud.

Using Cloud GP has given Cumulus Media the ability to:

  • Decentralize their processes, data handling, and report distribution – The secure accessibility to data and reporting available through Cloud GP has dramatically reduced the burden on the corporate office staff which had previously been responsible for managing the data and distributing reports.
  • “Unchain” users from their desks – Users can now access their Dynamics GP data and system anywhere on any device via the cloud. This improves efficiency and process effectiveness across the organization when individuals can use the system when and where they need to.
  • Drastically improve connectivity between locations – Whereas various locations were previously trying to access the central servers through unreliable VPN Tunnels, the cloud provides an internet enabled Dynamics GP access point to individuals in any location, thereby making the flow of information and reports quick and easy.

Cumulus Media estimates that moving their Dynamics GP to the Cloud will result in half a million dollars in savings for their business.  They will save:

  • Over $250,000 in licensing fees over five years
  • Another $250,000 through lack of hardware maintenance costs and efficiency gains

Cumulus and Socius will work together to periodically assess their needs and processes to ensure that they are getting the greatest benefit from their Cloud GP system.

Find out if moving your Dynamics GP system to the cloud makes sense for your business. Calculate the costs instantly!

By Socius, an Ohio Dynamics GP Cloud Partner

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