The PaperSaveCloud™: The Paperless Document Management System in the Cloud

The PaperSaveCloud™ offered by WhiteOwl provides an excellent option for organizations that want to take full advantage of the paperless platform without hosting the application on-premises.  The PaperSaveCloud™ provides access anytime, anywhere from a secure cloud environment with all the same features available in the on-premises version.  Since the solution is hosted in the cloud, it is extremely reliable and makes it easier for employees to work away from the office, while still being able to securely access their paperless information from any location.   Further, since utilizing the PaperSaveCloud™ does not require a server or licensing requirements for the deployment, the organization will lower transaction costs and lower the total cost of ownership.

The PaperSaveCloud™ utilizes Tier 1 Microsoft Azure to host the data and system to ensure the best level of security and provide optimal reliability.  Business functionality is critical and downtime affects not only productivity but also creates a significant monetary cost to any organization.   Since mission-critical data is not available during downtime, certain tasks can’t be performed, things are delayed, orders are not fulfilled, and bills are not paid, all contributing to a drastic reduction in productivity.  Productivity losses are just one effect of downtime; monetary losses may be experienced as well.   Not being able to take advantage of term discounts, getting that new part ordered quickly, or satisfying a customer’s questions may all lead to financial losses and lost customers.  Since the PaperSaveCloud™ is hosted in Microsoft Azure, you have optimal availability, network balancing, and reliability with a 99.9 percent compute Service Level Agreement.  As for security, the PaperSaveCloud™ provides the traditional login security we all utilize every day to ensure only those individuals with access may access the data.   The PaperSaveCloud™ takes this one step further by encrypting data using SHA-2 and 2048 – bit, which is a higher level of encryption than most other systems offer.  The PaperSaveCloud™ provides both a secure and reliable platform ensuring your organization and its data is available and safe.

The PaperSaveCloud™ takes extra measures to ensure data is available with frequent backups.  The data is backed up to multiple locations nightly, weekly, and monthly to minimize any loss of data.  The data is backed up primarily through Microsoft Azure, but also Amazon’s AWS Cloud.  With the frequent backup schedule to multiple locations, customers understand that their business-critical data is safe, secure and available.

The PaperSaveCloud™ is maintained such that it is always up-to-date with the latest features from the latest version of PaperSave.  Customers are provided with advanced notice of any substantive updates or enhancements that would otherwise interrupt their daily processes.  This ensures the updates are transparent to the end user and greatly reduces the risk of any major business disruptions.  This takes the upgrade issues away from the client and provides them with the confidence that they are working with the latest technologies available in an ever-changing world while minimizing any downtime.

The PaperSaveCloud™ maintains audit trails on all data processed by the application.  From the initial creation to the eventual destruction, the history is stored for each action with the action performed, user’s name, and timestamp to provide the maximum visibility of the document throughout its lifecycle.  This allows the organization to know who, when, how, and why the transaction was moved from one stage to another.

by KTL Solutions

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