NetSuite Allows Retailers to Integrate Sales Channels

Retailers dragging their heels on eCommerce solutions should look for business software to simplify data migration to the cloud. NetSuite offers growing organizations an online platform for ERP and CRM solutions that work with existing infrastructure. It can also help companies build information systems from the ground up.

Small Business Trends predicted more businesses will turn to ERP solutions to manage inventory as they begin offering products through eCommerce channels as well as physical locations. An increasing number of brick-and-mortar stores will implement cloud-deployed mobile solutions so sales clerks have the same data visibility as managers in central offices. Companies should also use CRM software to include consumers in the information loop, to compare demand to inventory availability and streamline all of its communication channels. NetSuite offers a central solution for customer satisfaction and back-office information procedures.

2016 should see a continued focus on customer-centric business plans. Many companies believe omnichannel service is the best way to provide consumers with the options and convenience they expect. Utilizing a cloud-deployed system like NetSuite provides the total functionality necessary to expand into new channels and streamline a growing number of datasets.

A recent blog article by The TM Group described how a clothing retailer created a brand new omnichannel customer experience using NetSuite OneWorld.

by The TM Group

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