Questions You Should Ask About Ransomware, Employee Turn Over and Compliance for Cloud ERP

Is it time for your company to move your ERP software to the cloud? In a recent blog post I found some great suggestions of questions to ask to know if your company is ready for Cloud ERP solution. Questions you should ask about Ransomware, Employee Turn Over and Compliance.

Get Ready For Cloud ERP

#1 Ransomware.

  • What are you doing to protect the next employee that plugs in to your network and locks up all their files?
  • Do you have a rock-solid backup system in place?
  • Are you willing to gamble the $50k+ ‘ransom' that you might have to pay?

#2 Employee Turn-Over.

  • Are your IT staff cross-trained?
  • Do all of your business-critical systems have two or more people trained?
  • If your IT manager walked out tomorrow for any reason, could your business keep operating?

#3 Compliance.

  • Are you meeting the necessary compliance and related data-security requirements for your industry? (80%+ of businesses are now subject to some type of compliance requirements, be it HIPPAA, SOX, PCI, CJIS, etc.)

Be sure to view this information by Concerto Cloud Services called “Which Cloud Type Is Right For My Solution?” for a nice breakdown of Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud options in the form of a “decision tree.”

Asking these questions to your team can start a conversation on the value of Cloud ERP. To continue the conversation as it relates to Microsoft Dynamics GP software, contact CAL Business Solutions. 860-485-0910 x4.

Read our Dynamics GP in the Cloud FAQ to get ready for Cloud ERP.

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