NetSuite and Nonprofits: A Flexible Solution for all Organizations

Recent projects in the Philippines shed light on NetSuite's commitment to being a nonprofit solution, according to Computer Weekly. NetSuite has often declared itself as the best cloud-deployed information management system for a variety of organizations, whether they be small businesses or global charities. Three nonprofit organizations operating out of the Philippines - the Hapinoy, Cartwheel and Virlanie Foundations - praised NetSuite for its ability to consolidate the data coming in from multiple donors and projects.

The cloud-deployed solution is accessible on mobile devices and provides organization heads with real-time information on how goals are met and what needs to be done. As volunteers and employees perform tasks out in the field, they can communicate with managers so all decisions stem from complete understanding of current resources, funds and manpower.

NetSuite provides certain nonprofits with expert volunteers to get their CRM and ERP solutions up and running. A recent blog from The TM Group examined how any organization can profit from the flexibility of NetSuite solutions and hands-on training with an experienced CRM or ERP consultant.

by The TM Group

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