NetSuite: The Ideal Platform for a Real Estate Management Solution

Many businesses launch eCommerce solutions to offer their products and services to new audiences. A NetSuite customer case study described how PropertyGuru offers a website that connects consumers with available properties. This requires the company to obtain detailed information tied to 800,000 residential and commercial buildings and share the relevant data with millions of online visitors.

The real estate market is in a constant state of flux. NetSuite OneWorld provides property managers with the ideal platform for a real estate management solution to help decision-makers respond to new information in real time. An integrated CRM and ERP solution provided PropertyGuru with a platform that streamlined transactions and other financial data. The end result was the company tripling its revenue and dramatically expanding its infrastructure.

PropertyGuru also tripled the size of its staff. NetSuite is a central solution for asset, consumer and employee information. It not only simplifies management activities through consistent answers to decision-making questions, but its ERP features help avoid the obstacles of expanding into new territories. For example, multi-currency conversion capabilities and built-in tax compliance automatically adjust financial reporting to correspond to certain territories.

The TM Group examined how real estate companies in different parts of the world benefit from NetSuite functionality and how U.S. property groups can work with local partners to reap the same rewards.

by The TM Group

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