Need ERP Software? Here are 5 of the BEST Reasons Why!

Need ERP Software? Here are 5 of the BEST Reasons Why!

Iris Schimke is CEO of Express Information Systems, which provides nonprofit ERP software in Austin and San Antonio.

Did you know as of 2016 there are more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States? This include civic leagues, charities, churches, private foundations, and more. However, there is a wide range of concerns when it comes to day-to-day operations and how to best disperse their resources.

Taking that into account, it’s to no one's surprise that nonprofit ERP software is increasingly becoming the ‘go-to’ answer to successful management. With nonprofits claiming nearly 10% of the wages in the United States, here are 5 of the best reasons why you need ERP Software for your company!

Cut Costs & Boost Productivity!

By implementing a grant management program that not only cuts costs but boosts productivity, your greatly increase your chances of receiving more assistance in the future. An ERP software not only provides a timely report and streamlined transactions, it automates many of the tedious tasks with a day-to-day record of funds spent.

Properly Manage Your Funds!

With proper fund management being extremely critical to the long-term financial success of a non-profit organization, a good ERP software easily includes applications that cover fund management on not just one project, but for several with their own personal automated summaries. With automated fund management, your job becomes much easier and cost-efficient as you eliminate human error and the need for manual financial management.

Get a Better Forecast of the Future

Nonprofit ERP software helps in more areas than just managing your funds, cutting costs, and boosting productivity. It helps your protect your company and its assets by preventing overspending and better forecasting your company's future.

Automated management can easily assist you in allocating your company resources with commitment management; essentially, via ERP software, nonprofits can plan and account for their future, preventing budget related surprises, and building a strong financial future.

Manage Your Budget

Keep your spending within budget by using encumbrance and budget management tools with an ERP software framework. In a nutshell, you can control modifications, tracking, instant alerts, and approvals with convenient and foolproof software that ensures you’re tracking your spending and designation of funds!

Fundraising, Made Easy

Helping to cut the cost of fundraising campaigns and boosting your organization's overall efficiency, ERP software easily enables nonprofits to develop, sustain, and even boost your donor relationships and contributions. These key tools, alone, are what makes or breaks an organization's fundraising efforts.

In Conclusion...

From the beginning where you’re building professional relationships, down through the allocation and management of your resources, a nonprofit’s need for growth goes hand-in-hand with their need for a dependable software. ERP nonprofit solutions is, without question, the thing to help take you and your organization's efforts to the next level!

Contact Express Information Systems today to learn more about nonprofit ERP software!

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