How Much Does It Cost To Use Microsoft Dynamics in the Cloud?

Lately we have been getting more and more customers interested in cloud options for Microsoft Dynamics GP, so it’s a good time to confirm a few things and share some basic pricing. Dynamics in the cloud cost options.

There are two options for using Dynamics GP in the cloud:

  • Hosting/BYOL ‘Bring Your Own License’- The customer OWNS the software and hosts it in the cloud. (Note: currently all of our clients at CAL Business Solutions who are using Dynamics GP in the cloud have chosen this option.)

Get pricing to buy Dynamics GP software.

  • Subscription GP- The customer does not own the software but ‘RENTS’ it in the cloud. None of our clients have chosen this option as it is more expensive in the long term. However, there are some unique circumstances where it could make sense.

I will stick with sharing just the BYOL/hosting costs for now since this is the most common.  And keep in mind that this pricing is for the CAL GP Cloud offer. Other Dynamics GP partners and hosting companies have their own pricing.

There are two generic costs with hosting Dynamics GP that apply to everyone:

  • Monthly cost*: based on the number of NAMED GP users. The cost depends on the Dynamics GP “pack” the customer owns. There is a price for those with just the Starter Pack and a price for those who own/use both the Starter Pack & Extended Pack.

Currently* our CAL GP Cloud offered price is:

Starter Pack: $124 per named user/per month subject to change

Starter Pack + Extended Pack: $149 per named user/per month subject to change

  • Data Center setup fee*: this is a ONE TIME fee charged by the data center for the infrastructure/account set up. This is not the same as the implementation/setup of a Dynamics GP system.
  • $2,495 with 1 year contract subject to change
  • $1,995 with a 2 year contract (save $500) subject to change
  • $1,495 with a 3 year contract (save $1,000) subject to change

Note: if client cancels before their contract is up, reimbursement of any Setup fee discounts will be due.

*check  for our current pricing.

There are additional costs/setup fees for items such as ISV products, extra servers, additional Disk space etc.

I HIGHLY recommend reading through our CAL GP Cloud FAQ. We tried to anticipate and answer any questions you may have about using Dynamics GP in the cloud.

If they want a formal quote for using Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud from CAL Business Solutions contact us at or 860-485-0910 x4 for Dynamics in the cloud cost.

By CAL Business Solutions,

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