Tech News: NetSuite Acquires IQity

NetSuite recently announced the acquisition of IQity to further round out their manufacturing functionality. Users rely on NetSuite to be their all-in-one cloud-based business management suite. The addition of the advanced collaborative manufacturing software from IQity creates the ultimate manufacturing system.

The partnership will create a unified software system that will satisfy the needs of discrete and batch process manufacturers, allowing them to run their business operations together with the industry functionality necessary to meet the ever-changing market requirements and customer opportunities. It will also allow manufacturers to achieve overall success by managing their businesses to be more profitable through decreased operating costs.

NetSuite IQity partnershipNetSuite IQity acquisition

IQity & NetSuite Partnership Features

IQity created the IQity Advanced Manufacturing SuiteApp. It was natively built on the NetSuite platform, resulting in manufacturers being able to manage the following features:

  • Shop floor
  • Resource capacity planning
  • Finite production scheduling
  • Batch work order management
  • Integrated quality management
  • Advanced data collection capabilities to track actual production results, equipment utilization, labor productivity, downtime, rework and more.

All this culminates in lower operating costs, and improved profitability. NetSuite and IQity have been partners for quite some time with nearly 40 joint customers prior to officially joining forces.

To learn more about NetSuite and the NetSuite ERP Platform, take a NetSuite Product Tour.

By: Mark Goodson, President at BCG Systems, Inc.

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