NetSuite’s Cloud Business Software for Startups Is the Go-to Option

Cloud business software for startups promotes growth
Cloud business software for startups promotes growth

NetSuite ended 2015 on a high note. Diginomica reported the company exceeded expectations by posting Q4 earnings in 2015 that were 31 percent higher than the previous year. NetSuite expands into new markets and is a popular solution for companies that are also growing.

Unicorns are start-up companies - most often in the tech industry - with innovative products and services that quickly create an organization valuation of $100 billion or more. NetSuite counts some of the most commonly discussed unicorns among its clientele. These success stories have prompted similar startups to seek NetSuite cloud business software for their early information infrastructures.

NetSuite combines CRM and ERP cloud business software for startups. It's an excellent platform for any organization that wants to create top-notch customer service, eCommerce channels and complete organizational visibility. By starting their companies with top-of-the-line business software features, many startups hope to emulate the success of unicorns.

To learn more about NetSuite's popularity with startups, you can read The TM Group's NetSuite blog posts about how flexible business software like helps companies prepare for success.

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