NetSuite Release Notice: Last Sales Activity Enhancements

Last month, we talked about NetSuite 2016 New Release Highlights as well as NetSuite Updates for Android and iOS. Aside from the long list of enhancements NetSuite releases bi-annually, they send out solo releases for heavily used features. The most recent announcement focuses on the Last Sales Activity SuiteApp.

Last Sales Activity has undergone a few updates to Production accounts. The new version of the SuiteApp automatically updated on April 22, 2016 – so no action is required on the user’s end.

Last Sales Activity SuiteApp Updates

Activity Filter for Last Sales Activity – The Activity Duration Filter (Days) will be added to the Set Preferences menu for Last Sales Activity. This lets you specify the number of days to filter the activities processed when updating Last Sales Activity.

NetSuite Last Sales Activity

Manually Update LSA Value on Records – An Update LSA button will be added on record pages to allow users to manually update the Last Sales Activity value on the record. The Enable LSA Manual Update setting is also added to the Set Preferences menu.

NetSuite SuiteApp Last Sales Activity

For a more in-depth understanding of the enhancements, log in to NetSuite and visit the Help Center and SuiteAnswers.

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By: Tanya Weatherholt, Senior Consultant & Project Manager, NetSuite at BCG Systems, Inc.

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