Dynamics GP Limited User Licenses Can Benefit Your Business

Has it occurred to you that it would be a good idea for more people in your organization to be able to use your Dynamics GP solution? Certainly this is a benefit in many cases. However, there are a couple of considerations that may be preventing you from extending access to additional users.  Two common fears are that it will be too costly and that critical or sensitive data may be at risk of falling into inappropriate hands.

Before you rule out the possibility of adding users, consider the Microsoft Dynamics GP Limited User licenses. This option was introduced with Dynamics GP 2013 to provide increased functionality for users who don’t need the complete access provided by the Full User License. As far as cost effectiveness, the Limited User license costs eighty percent less than the cost of the Full User license. As far as security, using Limited User licenses can ensure against unauthorized users having the ability to compromise data.

Answers to some questions regarding the Limited User license:

Q. What are the differences between a Full User and a Limited User license in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

A. The purpose of the Limited User license is to offer you a more cost-effective option for extending ERP to users who only need to perform certain tasks. Limited User licenses provide for full read but limited write permissions for all of the licensed solution’s functionality. Additionally, Limited Users can access the software through all the same channels that are available to Full Users, including the Windows Client. Limited Users are also considered concurrent users which means that more than one employee can share accessibility rights, further widening the capability of this license type. If you have questions about the functionality offered by a Limited user license, read this Dynamics GP 2013 Licensing Guide. (See page 6)


Q. Why does it make good business sense to use the Limited User option to extend access to your ERP solution to additional individuals within your organization?

A. One of the main reasons to extend access to your ERP solution is an increased ability to automate business processes within a secure and managed environment throughout your organization. This can result in significant improvement in business intelligence and thus in productivity.


Q.  What is the difference between the Limited User for the Perpetual Licensing model versus the Light User in Business Ready Licensing?

A. The Limited User is licensed for concurrent usage and is mode-of-access independent, whereas the Light User is licensed for a specific individual and is dependent on the mode of access. That is, Limited User licenses allow numerous employees to share user rights and access to the ERP software from various modes of access including the rich windows client. Conversely, a Light User is permitted to access the application only through the web client.


Q. How do you license the indirect access that we used to license with Light Users or Devices?

A. With Perpetual Licensing, the mode of access is no longer a factor in determining which license type(s) you need. All users, whether accessing Dynamics GP directly or indirectly, need to be licensed. The type of license needed is now determined only by the amount of write access that is required, and not by the mode by which they plan to access the system.


Perhaps you have other questions regarding limited user licenses for Microsoft Dynamics GP and how they can extend accessibility throughout your organization. We’d love the chance to discuss this topic with you. Contact Intelligent Technologies and let us help you on the road to greater productivity.



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By Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a North Carolina Microsoft Dynamics GP Reseller.



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