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The Cloud is the hottest thing around and is continually presenting new ways to do business. Of course, you are already using the cloud when you check your email or look up information on Wikipedia or shop at Amazon or any of the other millions of online retailers. The Cloud is the Internet.

When we talk about using the Cloud for business, we are talking about having some of your business processes hosted or run on internet servers, rather than the older model of using your own on-premise hardware and software.

There are many benefits to using the Cloud for business purposes, not the least of which are its mobility and accessibility. With selected business data in the Cloud, you can continue to work from anywhere at any time, as long as you have Internet access using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Receive and return emails, submit invoices and expense reports, search the Internet, pull up needed files and information even if you are away from your office. And because the Cloud is available to you and to almost every business and individual you know, you can easily share information. With helpful web apps like Dropbox, you can make selected data available to family, friends, co-workers and customers of your choice. You can also use Dropbox to save photos and documents so that if your hardware crashes, your files will always be available.

Now let’s think about using the Cloud for your specific business.  Most, if not all, of your accounting applications can be used in the Cloud. For example, Intacct is a financial management company that brings cloud computing to finance and accounting professionals. It is designed to improve company performance and make your business more productive. Acumatica is another fascinating application that focuses on financial management, distribution, CRM, and project accounting suites and is one of the fastest-growing providers of highly customizable cloud applications for small and medium sized businesses.  Microsoft Dynamics GP also has applications for financial and human resources management, manufacturing planning, supply chain management, field service, collaboration, compliance, and IT management. Like Acumatica, Microsoft Dynamics GP is a financial and accounting system for small to midsized businesses. All of these applications are designed to allow you the benefits of the Cloud.

The Cloud can completely change the way companies use technology to service customers, partners, suppliers, and their company. Cloud computing is the next step in the Internet’s evolution. And the best part is that it can be delivered to you as a service wherever and whenever you need it.

To learn more about the benefits of the Cloud or to discuss particulars of how the Cloud can benefit your business, contact our Cloud experts at Express Information Systems.

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