NetSuite Updates for Android and iOS

It’s that time of year again… NetSuite new release updates! Woo hoo! For those of you that utilize NetSuite to its fullest, the mobile updates are a few of the more exciting updates coming this month that will make life just a little easier.

Android and Apple iOS users can stay up to date while on the go and these new enhancements will make their phone an even more powerful productivity tool.

NetSuite 2016 New Release Notes for Android and iOS Phones

NetSuite for Android 4.0

Phone Call Logging – Log inbounscr-pro-crm-androidd and outbound calls in NetSuite without initiating the calls from the app. Call Logging can be enabled in the app settings. Once enabled, you will have the options to Save to NetSuite after each call. If saved, the call duration and information about the entity called will be recorded and saved to the customer record.

User Interface Enhancements – A redesigned login screen provides an organized and attractive point of entry. A revamped dashboard, menus, and icons offer a more robust design that Android users will feel comfortable using.

Grid View on Saved Searches – View user favorites and the record list in grid view. Access your most used records quicker!

Calendar Date Format Aligned with Server Preferences – The calendar format now matches the one in your NetSuite desktop account.

NetSuite for iOS 5.0

Push Notifications – Set notifications for reminders, event invitations, approval routing requests, scr-pro-crm-iphoneor new records with the criteria you define. This feature is also capable on the Apple Watch.

Actionable Items from the Notification Center – Accept or decline event invitations right from the iOS notification center.

Support for Time Tracking – You now have the ability to record time right from your phone using the new NetSuite Time Tracking feature. To access this new feature, select My Time in the navigation tap bar. Based on your role and level of permission, you can add new time entries, view existing ones and edit those that have yet to be approved. Check out Time Tracking and Managing Your Time Using the My Time Feature for more information.

Enhanced View Options – For a wider view of your data, rotate your device to view in landscape mode. This new feature works across the entire app.

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By: Bill Simendinger, Senior Consultant at BCG Systems, Inc.

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