NetSuite forms partnership to optimize employee data

Human beings aren't numbers. When it comes time to making financial decisions, however, business leaders turn to ERP solutions to quantify human resources activities. NetSuite recently partnered with the Namely Suite App to make employee data easier to work with in its industry leading platform. The goal is to make data processes and integration simple so business leaders gain the insight they need without inconveniencing their workers. Recent reports indicate mid-sized businesses are especially excited about the possibility of integrated payroll, HR details and financial systems for improved visibility.

Namely's product was built using NetSuite's SuiteCloud Computing Platform. NetSuite provides companies with the tools to design their own solutions to particular needs and to make NetSuite business software easier to work with. Namely's success with Netsuite's cloud deployed software earned it partnership status and created an app that all businesses can use for simple employee data integration.

The TM Group explored how this partnership can benefit all organizations - specifically mid-sized companies with hundreds of employees - and other advantages of improved data practices in a recent blog.

by The TM Group

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