Understanding the Full Value of Cloud ERP

Sometimes there are good reasons to choose an on-premise ERP solution. For example, if you are a government contractor with more than fixed-price contracts. But most of the time, organizations are better off evaluating a cloud-based ERP system, such as Intacct. To start, there are two major 30,000-feet reasons.

Easy Quarterly Upgrades - One, Intacct is a true cloud, multi-tenant system. That means it is seamlessly upgraded up to four times per year with ongoing improvements without a major headache for customers. This is compared to on-premise systems that typically are upgraded only once every 3-4 years and require a business disruption.

More R&D for Improvements - Two, Intacct is not a suite of products but a point solution for accounting and finance that integrates with a wide selection of third-party best-of-breed cloud products (150 and counting). That means more R&D goes to improving the core product rather than a suite of products.

Those two reasons are no reason to keep your head in the clouds. There are many more down-to-earth advantages. Intacct is the only preferred provider of the AICPA. Moreover, the Washington State Society of CPAs chose Intacct for its financial management system.

Here are 10 other major benefits of the Intacct cloud solution:

  1. Makes your accounting department more effective and productive
  2. Reduces IT and operating costs due to a lower cost of ownership
  3. Delivers security without IT headaches
  4. Improves reporting and analysis; through Dashboards, so you easily access the data you need to make informed decisions
  5. Helps you optimize cash management and increase business value
  6. Enables entering time and expense anytime, anywhere
  7. Automates workflows for billing and revenue management
  8. Tracks projects so nothing falls through the cracks
  9. Supports multi-company, multi-location, and multi-currency
  10. Eliminates most manual processes and delivers direct and indirect savings


Compare On-premise Solution Budget to Cloud Solution Budget with ROI

After the first year, a cloud solution will require a higher software budget (SaaS), but a much lower hardware, services (IT) budget. When compared to entry-level systems or software that can’t compete with Intacct’s core financials and integrations with practically all other “best-of-breed” cloud solutions, on average, Intacct pays for itself in six months with an annual Return on Investment (ROI) of 250%! Learn more at Why Intacct?-Free Trial-Tutorials

by Synergy Business Solutions

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