Key Considerations when Moving to Cloud ERP

More and more companies are choosing to move to a cloud-based ERP solution. It is a big decision, and there are several factors to consider when deciding if it is right for your organization. The first step, however, should be determining just how “cloud” you already are. Seeing how many functions within your organization already run on a cloud-based system can give you a better idea of just what type of Cloud-based solution you should be looking for.

One big concern for many companies is data security, especially in light of the media scrutiny of cloud-based systems in recent times. While this is a legitimate concern, for some types of data, there are in fact several types of data that are better off in the cloud. Determining just what types of data will be stored in your cloud-based system, and assessing its relative suitability, should be done early in the process. Another major consideration to look at early is just how ready for the cloud are you? If your infrastructure, IT staffing, organizational culture and remote access capability are not prepared to handle the system you're looking at, it may be time to reconsider.

Determining what software should be in the cloud is another important step. By determining if functions such as file sharing, backup, databases and payroll (among many others) should be made cloud based, you can get an idea of what (if any) cloud solution will work best for your organization.

A key factor when making your decision will, rightfully, be cost. Between implementation costs, hardware upkeep, software licenses and staff time, there are several budget-related considerations to make. Determining if the benefits of a cloud-based solution are worth the costs is not something anyone can do for you, and should be carefully considered before moving on.

One last, but incredibly important, factor to consider is what features are you going to want and need in your solution? Knowing which features, such as file sharing and backup, payroll and accounting, and databases, are most important to your company can help you narrow down your selection process.

Switching (or not switching) to a cloud based solution for ERP is an important and sometimes difficult decision to make. The concepts outlined here are intended to help you discover what the right fit for your organization is. The “Should Your Organization Consider The Cloud?” guide includes several helpful sheets to aid you in determining considerations such as what data you'll need backed up, cost considerations, and the relative importance of systems. They can be very useful in making your ultimate decision.

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By Socius, a Cloud ERP Partner representing NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics Cloud ERP

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