Grow as You Go – Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud will Grow with You

If yours is a growing business, you know how important scalability is. You can’t tell exactly how large your business will become or what solutions you will need down the road. That is why it is important for you to have a financial system that can grow with you and accommodate any future needs, increasing in complexity and user count without losing effectiveness.

This need for scalability is the reason many growing businesses choose cloud-based ERP solutions. And of those solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP has always been noted as an innovative and scalable system.

With a full range of deployment options, Dynamics GP can emulate the Software-as-a-Service model (or any deployment model, for that matter) and administrators enjoy complete scalability on all levels.

In addition to adding and configuring an increase in users, here are 5 other ways Microsoft Dynamics GP can keep up with your growing organization:

Some benefits of Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud:

  1. Administrative Scalability – With Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud, you will be able to add or delete the number of user licenses you require on a month to month basis. No need to guess how many you will need sometime in the future and spend money unnecessarily on a forecast that may not be accurate. In addition, role-based security allows administrators to set security permissions based on configurable user roles. With these roles defined, administrators can easily add users to the system and cut down on configuration time.
  2. Load Scalability – Load scalability refers to increases in your computing requirements (server infrastructure) based on your company’s anticipation of its needs now and in the future. Whether you're hosting Dynamics GP in a partner cloud or in Azure, you can easily add or subtract computing power to your organization when needed.
  3. Functional Scalability – Dynamics GP in the cloud is available in two sizes. Choose either the Starter Pack or the Extended Pack according to what you need now and add more later if you find it necessary. Also, GP works with other critical business systems and integrates seamlessly with a large network of third-party applications that provide endless extensibility options for GP users.
  4. Elasticity – With Dynamics GP in the cloud, you will be better equipped for unexpected peaks and valleys in computing traffic. Having your ERP hosted in the cloud rather than on-premise will enable your team to instantly access more computing power as needed for increased user traffic due to such factors as seasonal demand, promotions or successful advertising campaigns. (Elasticity typically refers to e-commerce, mobile and website development.)
  5. Geographic Scalability – With Dynamics GP in the cloud, you can access the system anytime and from anywhere if you have internet access. Your workforce will have flexibility while still working from a single system, regardless of growth into other areas.


For small to mid-size businesses and growing organizations, Microsoft Dynamics GP in the cloud is a good choice for ERP. It is impossible to know exactly when and how fast your business will take off and outgrow its present requirements. With Dynamics GP, you’ll have all the options you will need to scale up or down as business trends change.  Invest in Microsoft Dynamics GP, on-premise or in the cloud, and enjoy the advantages for years to come.


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