Why Fast-Growth and Start-Up Companies Are Choosing the Cloud for Financial and Accounting Software

Over the past 28 years, The Resource Group has seen a lot of changes in financial and accounting software solutions. One of the biggest we’ve seen has been the offering of cloud- and SaaS-based accounting software solutions. In fact, a recent survey shows that more than 50% of organizations looking to buy an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in 2016 plan to go with a cloud-based platform. This is dramatically higher than it has been over the last few years. Here are three reasons why more companies, particularly fast-growth and start-ups are choosing the cloud for their accounting software solution.


Start-up and fast-growing companies need to be agile. What does this mean in regards to accounting software? With a cloud-based SaaS model ERP solution, you can scale up or scale down the number of users you have, the number of business entities as well as system functionality. A fast-growing company needs to be able to quickly succeed, and a cloud accounting software solution allows you to do that.


Lower Start-Up Cost
For start-ups and fast-growing companies, cash is king. You want to spend your investment dollars on growing your business, not paying for infrastructure. Because cloud-based accounting solutions offer an annual subscription, you’re able to annualize the total cost of ownership over time. This means your cash outlay is a lot lower upfront than it would be with an on-premise solution


Faster Deployment
With an on-premise accounting software solution, you will most likely need to purchase hardware and set up the needed infrastructure. This may take several weeks or months to accomplish. Once you make the decision to purchase a cloud-based financial software solution, you can be ready to start the project within one to two days. Faster start-up means you’re able to go live sooner.


Learn more about how cloud-based accounting software solutions might work for your organization; contact a partner like The Resource Group.


By Marty Schillaci, The Resource Group

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