3 ERP Cloud Licensing Questions You Need To Ask

There seem to be almost as many licensing permutations as there are ERP cloud providers. Be sure that you are comparing apples to apples when you evaluate your vendors. Services can be a key factor in your ERP implementation success, so define your requirements and explain your expectations clearly.

  1. What options do I have in licensing ERP software in the cloud? There are a number of ways that vendors are currently licensing cloud-based ERP. With a subscription model, you pay a monthly fee — generally user based — for license to use the software. With a hosting model, you can own the software while the application is supported in a cloud environment.
  2. Is the yearly maintenance fee included in the price? If you are paying a monthly subscription fee the maintenance, including upgrades and support, is generally included. If you own the software, as in a hosting model, the yearly maintenance may not be included in the price. Check with your cloud vendors to clarify all the costs so you know you are comparing systems on the same basis.
  3. What support services should I expect to receive as part of an ERP subscription? Subscription pricing will include access to the software, upgrades and user support (limited to troubleshooting, will not include training issues) with no additional costs for the infrastructure. Other services, like implementation and training will depend on the vendor and should be carefully evaluated. Always check references to measure the experience of existing clients.

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