NetSuite Tips & Tricks: Authorized Support Contacts Program

As of January 8, 2016, the NetSuite Terms of Support Service has been updated to only allow NetSuite Authorized Support contacts to submit support cases. In an effort to increase response times and provide better customer assistance, specified users can call and/or submit their NetSuite problems online, depending on their subscription.

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Once your company has identified who the authorized contact(s) should be, complete the following steps to create the Authorized Contact record(s).

How to Manage Authorized Support Contacts in NetSuite

  1. Log in to NetSuite.
  2. Click on the Support tab.
  3. In theNetSuite Account Center portletclick on NetSuite Account Center. If the link is not available, see Accessing the NetSuite Account Center.
  4. In the Customer Center – Home Links portletclick on Authorized Contacts.
  5. Click on New Authorized Contact.
  6. Complete the form and check the Authorized checkbox to authorize the chosen contact(s) for NetSuite Support. To check your limit for the number of authorized contacts, see Other Details.
    Note: The email address used to log in to NetSuite should be the same as the Authorized Contact record.
  7. Click Save.

To remove authorization for contacts, follow the same steps above. The only difference is in step 6, uncheck the Authorized checkbox.

NetSuite Authorized Contacts FAQ

Who are Authorized Contacts?
Authorized Contacts are the chosen Customer employees who have the appropriate technical knowledge, training and/or experience with NetSuite service who will be in charge of all communication with NetSuite Support. This consists of case submissions and incident reports. Authorized Contacts are approved to request and receive NetSuite Support Services on behalf of their company.

How many Authorized Contacts can my company have?
The number of Authorized Contacts will be determined by the type of support your company has agreed to. See Supplemental Support Terms and Support Offering Comparison Chart for more details.

Are Administrators also Authorized Contacts?
Authorized Contacts are users specified by their company. They can have any role, including the Administrator.

For a full understanding and more information, review NetSuite Terms of Support Service  or contact a NetSuite consultant to discuss your company’s NetSuite subscription and how this affects you.

By: Tanya Weatherholt, Senior Consultant & Project Manager, NetSuite at BCG Systems, Inc.

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