Cloud is not Just a Technology; It’s Your Strategy for Success.

Why Move to the Cloud?

Small and mid-sized businesses (SMB) need to be competitive; their future depends on it. But business is changing and being competitive means keeping up with the changes. The workforce is going mobile, data capture is expanding and the need for up to the moment data visibility and analysis is greater than ever. The question is, can your legacy on-premise business applications meet the challenges?  No matter how large or small your business, likely you’ve seen the need to consider a move to the cloud. It makes good business sense especially for organizations with limited budgets and IT resources.

What do you need to know about moving to the cloud? You might rightly ask, what information should I move to the cloud, how will the move affect my business processes and what are the costs involved?  We can help you answer those questions and others that you may have.

What Should I Move to the Cloud?

So, what should you take to the cloud first?  We can confidently say:  your ERP system.  Most SMBs recognize that their largest investments are in human resources, inventory and fixed assets.  Successfully managing these key components is business critical if you want to remain competitive. Having an ERP system with strengths in these three areas can greatly contribute to your business processes and thus to your profits.

Because enterprise business applications such as ERP and financial and accounting solutions have been cited BY experts as the single largest areas that businesses feel they must invest in in order to grow and remain competitive in the marketplace, it just makes sense to leverage these investments in order to achieve their greatest potential.

We Recommend Acumatica ERP and Here is Why:

Acumatica is a full-function ERP solution that was designed for cloud technology and has taken full advantage of the trend to become the fastest growing cloud ERP system available today. There are of course various reasons why Acumatica has been so successful, but one that appeals to SMBs in particular is that they can have a world-class solution, with complete IT infrastructure, without the world-class price. Get your business up and running without the need for expensive infrastructure, on-site servers and IT technicians.

Acumatica provides increased accessibility, mobility and utility. Access your important information from anywhere at any time. You don’t have to be in the office, or even in the same country as your office, in order to have up to the minute data. Employees in different locations can collaborate easily.

Acumatica integrates with other third party applications and financial software. You can work in Acumatica without having to log in and out of other systems.

Acumatica scales to your business needs. Large or small, many users or few, Acumatica caters to everyone without having to buy individual licenses.

Acumatica is constantly monitored. Bugs and problems are spotted and fixed before they become an issue.

Acumatica provides automatic updates so you don’t have to “patch-and-fix” or lose valuable work time waiting for your update to be scheduled and implemented.

Acumatica boasts first-rate security and confidentiality – a concern with moving to the cloud. Data is stored in an encrypted format in the database, and all communication over the network is encrypted. Access can instantly be granted or denied to any user as business circumstances change.

Acumatica is a particularly good value for the mid-market because of its unique pricing model. The price doesn’t continue to grow as the number of users increases.  Acumatica wants to provide a cost efficiency benefit to moving to the cloud

The bottom line is: with a fully integrated line of ERP business suites, blazing fast performance and an unlimited user pricing model, Acumatica is designed to accommodate SMBs and their rapidly growing businesses.

Let Crestwood Associates help you plan your move to the cloud.  Crestwood is a founding Acumatica Certified partner with the experience to help you incorporate best practices to make the most of your ERP.

By Crestwood Associates

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