5 Steps to Acquire Modern World-class Financial Software

Today, when considering a change to your accounting system, you have the option of modern, cloud-based software over traditional, on-premise software. For some companies, there are good reasons to choose an on-premise system, whether it's hosted or not. But for most organizations, the advantages of a modern cloud solution are too great to ignore. It brings them into the 21st century and gives them world-class functionality.

Advantages include, automatic updates 3-4 times a year at no extra cost or headaches. You get new functionality at a rapid pace. On premise software becomes outdated fast and costly upgrades are only done every 3-4 years. Subscription pricing for a cloud system means there's no high upfront cost. It eliminates the need for extra internal IT resources to maintain servers and software because the publisher handles all that. Expenses are easily predicted. Moreover, cloud accounting software like Intacct's Cloud ERP integrates with a host of other cloud best-of-breed solutions.

Finally, there are all the hidden costs a cloud system can eliminate and the hidden savings you can gain. Productivity goes up an average of 22% with a cloud financial solution, real-time visibility into performance can boost profitability, and companies can grow without hiring new finance staff.

Learn the 5 steps to a modern financial system that can get you there.

5 Steps to Acquire Modern World-class Financial Software

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