Why Conduct a Business Process Review before Implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP

If you are thinking of implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP – either on premise or in the cloud – one of the first steps we recommend is a thorough business process review. It is not complicated; but it is essential in order to minimize threats to the success of your implementation, to avoid time and cost overruns and to insure end user satisfaction and adoption.

Here are 4 reasons why you ought to conduct a business process review (BPR):

  1. A BPR can help you identify and manage potential risk factors. Knowing up front of any likely trouble spots allows you either to remedy them or to avoid them altogether during the implementation. Taking the surprise factor out of you implementation will help you stay on time and on budget.
  2. A BPR, thorough and detailed, will let you know precisely what needs to be done, how long it will take and how much the final implementation will cost in time and resources.
  3. A BPR enables you to define the scope of the implementation. By breaking down the various transactions and processes, the Statement of Work that follows can be very detailed as to what is and what is NOT in scope for this project. Again, surprises and overruns are avoided.
  4. A BPR allows you to set realistic expectations. Employees with a vital stake in the implementation and use of the software should be part of the business process review. Their input is important and they should have a realistic view of the capabilities of the ERP system and how the project will impact their work practices.

The purpose of a business process review is to delineate current processes employed within your company.  It shows how you prefer to handle daily, periodic and ad-hoc activities. In a typical BPR, a consultant will monitor your current business processes by means of notes, screenshots, forms and reports that you generate and use. He will also interview employees to ascertain why certain procedures are followed and what the trail of information/approval will be. By interviewing across boundaries and spans of control, a detailed picture of the company’s processes becomes evident.

A business process review is the way to reduce risks, insure smoother transition and increase end user satisfaction while helping you stay on time and on budget with your Dynamics GP implementation.

To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics GP and successful ERP implementations either on premise or in the cloud, contact TMC.


By Technology Management Concepts, your Southern California Dynamics GP partner

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