Top Five Things to Consider When Purchasing a New ERP System

Your business is growing. In fact you’ve outgrown your entry level accounting system and are ready for a real, robust ERP solution to grow along with you. This is an important step for your company so you want to be sure you make the right decisions. Here are five things to consider when it comes to purchasing a new ERP solution:

Consider Your Business.

With the proliferation of ERP solutions available, which one is best? The simple but not very satisfying answer is: it depends. Your business is unique so the right solution for you has to fit your needs, goals and business processes. Don’t choose an ERP solution because your brother-in-law bought one and likes it, or because your ad min assistant has worked with it before. You need to do your homework, find the system that best fits your company by clearly defining your requirements and then comparing systems. Which will work the best for you?

Ensure Executive Buy-in.

Executives should take a keen interest in the selection of a new ERP solution, even if they are not the ones interacting with it day to day.  They will want a system that keeps their team productive and efficient.  But all levels of management will be using reports to get information about the health and profitability of their business, so show them how they will get relevant dashboards, reports and metrics that will help them with short and long term decision making.

Expect Useful Data.

When it comes to gathering data, metrics and reports, getting information out is just as important as getting the data in.  Almost every system today will allow you to put data into the system by relatively easy processes.  The better systems allow you to get data out just as easily, thus providing meaningful insights into your business.   Focus on what information you will be getting out of the system, how intuitive it will be to pull it up, and how the information generated can benefit your business processes and goals.

Get Everyone Onboard.

Everyone will likely agree that your old system is inadequate, but the reality is that it is the old system that they know!  Going into an uncertain new system can be scary and not everyone may be up for the task. You have to show your team how the new system is going to benefit the business as a whole, but also how it will benefit them in the long run as they use it to meet day to day business challenges. Ask them what they hope a new ERP solution will bring to their job. Input from key users will be invaluable in the selection process. If they see that they have been taken into account, they are much more likely to participate willingly in the process and accept the new system when it is introduced.

Have a Partner You Can Count On.

The decision about who will be implementing and troubleshooting your new ERP system is almost as important as choosing the right solution. The right system for your company, implemented by the wrong partner, is sure to spell disaster in the form of failed implementation, absence of user adoption and wasted time and money. That all sounds pretty scary, but choosing a reliable partner can be achieved by following the same steps you used to choose your ERP solution. Define your requirements and goals; gather opinions from key stakeholders; let your users and executives meet the people who will be working on your implementation to see if everyone is compatible; ask for references and case studies from businesses similar to yours.

Laying the groundwork with these 5 steps should ensure that your new ERP system implementation is carried off without a hitch.

For more information about implementing a new ERP solution, either on premise or in the cloud, contact Logan Consulting

Hopefully if you are considering the purchase of a new ERP system you will find this information helpful.  If you want to talk further please feel free to contact Logan Consulting.



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