Grow your Business with Cloud ERP

ERP (enterprise resource planning) solutions were once available and affordable only to large organization, but that is no longer the case. Now available and affordable to small and midsized businesses, even startups,  Cloud ERP solutions like Acumatica are providing growth potential to businesses of all sizes and enabling them to compete with the big boys. The new wave of business solutions can also facilitate operations, boost productivity, manage increased profitability and position your business for success.

Here are 4 important aspects you should know about Cloud based ERP:

Cloud ERP provides control: Managing your business data with an integrated ERP solution is not only easier for your staff, but increases efficiency and costs less than patching together various disparate solutions, or worse yet, having software systems that are unable to communicate with one another.  Easily entering data one time, into one system prevents errors and data loss. Automating tasks, for instance turning proposal information into orders and invoices, will save time and increase accuracy and insight.

Cloud ERP offers your team increased mobility: Sales reps, services teams, and, increasingly, other staff members work more often out of the office than in it.  With Cloud ERP, they can all stay connected anytime and anywhere there is an internet connection. Your data will be available to them when and where they most need it (for instance, to close a sale, update or check on an order or confirm inventory) and can be read on a variety of smartphones or tablets.

Cloud ERP’s business intelligence drives growth: Cloud based ERP solutions like Acumatica also offer intelligent and intuitive dashboards and business intelligence tools that enable you to make sense of your data and turn it into actionable insight.  By identifying customer trends, knowing what and how your customers are buying, knowing which products are best and which are sleepers, can help you adjust sales and promotional marketing and achieve optimal inventory maintenance.

With Cloud ERP, innovative technology is within your reach: Cloud ERP solutions, including Acumatica, are affordable for nearly any business and any budget.  Cloud-based solutions spare you a large initial investment as well as the expense of updates in equipment as your cloud host provider owns and maintains the servers. They provide the expert IT staff to insure that the service is always available, up to date and secure. Small and midsized business can then use the savings to grow their businesses and become competitive.

Find out more about these and other advantages of Cloud ERP, particularly Acumatica. Contact AccuPointe to learn more how this solution can save time and money as well as position your company for success.

By AccuPointe, North Carolina/South Carolina ERP Partner



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