Cloud is not Just a Technology, It’s a Strategy

Your business faces competition and your success depends on your staying at the top of your game. Now with work teams going mobile, there is ever more data that must be captured and sifted in order to keep everyone informed and equipped. More data may be putting a strain on your legacy on-premise systems. Whether yours is a small to mid sized business or larger, it is time to consider cloud technology as an overall strategy.

At Crestwood, we understand your concerns and are equipped discuss your options and to help you make decisions that will move your business processes forward.

Did you know?  81% of Organizations Forecast Moving to the Cloud

So, if you see the inevitability of moving to the cloud, you are not alone. It is becoming a well-established trend.

You may want to know what aspect of your business you should move to the cloud first. Our answer would be: your ERP system. For most SMBs, their biggest investments are in human resources, inventory and fixed assets.  Managing these resources well is critical to your success and having a robust ERP system with strengths in these areas can streamline your overall business process and lead to increased growth and profitability.

A Gartner report revealed that enterprise business applications, such as ERP,  is the most important area of investment that companies need to focus on in order to promote growth and remain competitive in the SMB marketplace.  Acumatica is a full function ERP solution that was developed specifically for the cloud and is the fastest growing cloud ERP solution available today.

There are several reasons why Acumatica has proved successful, but one of the greatest advantages is that SMBs get a world class solution, with complete IT infrastructure, without the world-class price.  But apart from costs, here are some other features that will make Acumatica valuable to your business:

  • Acumatica allows unprecedented accessibility. It can be used anywhere at any time; this is a must in today’s mobile business culture.
  • Acumatica integrates with third party applications and banking software – you don’t have to open various programs and screens. Acumatica gives you a working surface that allows greater efficiency.
  • Acumatica allows for growth. Acumatica’s scalability provides for unlimited users, so you won’t have to worry about who to buy licenses for. It’s available to all your employees and will be no matter how fast your company grows.
  • Acumatica takes care of IT. Updates are automatic and take place in the background without the need of onsite IT.
  • Acumatica assures you of first rate security and confidentiality. Data is stored in an encrypted format in the database and all communication over the network is encrypted. Since data is not stored on your on-premise servers, you can instantly remove access for any user.

Acumatica is a particularly good value for mid-sized businesses because of its unique pricing model . Unlike other ERP solutions, Acumatica it is not priced by number of users.  Higher user counts really add up with other ERP solutions. Acumatica figured this out, and decided to offer something different.

Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica, knows what SMBs need in cloud accounting software:

“SMBs have always had the business acumen, innovative spirit, and energy to compete and succeed. All they needed were the tools to help them execute. Now, thanks to cloud computing, they have those tools and can compete with anyone, on any playing field.”

With a fully integrated line of ERP business suites, blazing fast performance, and an unlimited user pricing model, Acumatica is designed to accommodate SMBs and their rapidly growing businesses.

Crestwood is a founding Acumatica Certified partner. Let us use out experience and best practices to help you plan your move to the cloud.

Contact us for a demo; get a free test drive and special pricing for Acumatica today.

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3 thoughts on “Cloud is not Just a Technology, It’s a Strategy”

  1. Hi,

    Yes, I agree with your words, ERP Software On Cloud will really make sense, in fact it will really help in to cut shot the hardware and other cost., but still people should get aware of this technologies.

  2. Well, Cloud Technology is new technology, still, many companies prefer On-Premises software instead of On Cloud, but still cloud give more clear output for complete solutions, easily can cut shot infrastructure cost for hardware and software, so i would go with your article., really cloud is good option for any one..

  3. Cloud is everywhere, we can’t deny it that it’s more than technology. Cloud with AI is the only future to get growth in any kind of business. I really like the title and article as well.

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