Cloud ERP Software Pros & Cons

Cloud ERP software has completely changed how companies use technology to interact with their customers, partners, vendors and within their own organization. Having cloud-based services delivered to you whenever and wherever you need it can be a beautiful thing, as any fan of Netflix, Amazon and Dropbox knows.

According to PC Mag, cloud computing is defined as “storing and accessing data and programs over the internet instead of your computer's hard drive.” Cloud computing is only going to get better, but before jumping in, you may be faced with a variety of questions from peers, customers, leadership and your own employees. Here are some of the things to consider when making the decision to migrate to ERP in the cloud. (Still unsure what exactly the cloud is? Check out these cloud basics.)

Pros of Cloud ERP

One of the best benefits of cloud ERP software is having everything in one place. Upload and access documents and files from anywhere. With one device, check emails, access your budget, and more. Microsoft Dynamics GP, for example, is a financial and accounting system that utilizes a variety of tools in the cloud, including IT management, accounting, HR and much more. Fast and familiar, our clients that use Dynamics appreciate having a solution customized to their needs that they’ll actually want to use. While it feels like an easy program to use, it packs a strong punch and can make some sweeping changes in your organization.

Cloud ERP Considerations

Before making the decision to switch over to cloud ERP software, it’s important to analyze cost (one-time versus monthly payments), as well as look at data security and software dependency issues. While companies continue to shift to the cloud in droves, it’s still understandable that there will be the hard questions. For example, it’s important to know before committing how much control you will lose by signing on with a third-party provider. In addition, you may have customers that want to know whether their information is safe. These are all important questions worthy of deep conversation before a company takes the leap.

What questions do you have about switching to cloud-based ERP? Feel free to contact the team at Express Information Systems for answers.

Iris Schimke is CEO of Express Information Systems, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Texas.

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