4 Reasons Your Customers Want You To Move to a Cloud Software Solution

Many conventional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software users are confronting an unavoidable choice – migrate to cloud-based ERP software solutions (virtual servers) or fall behind competitors. In our discussions with clients as well as other suppliers, we hear many issues that propel their conversion from an on-premise ERP profile to a cloud system.

Here are 4 great reasons your customers want you to move to a cloud solution:

Competitive benefits:

Customers have come to expect companies to understand the benefits of and share access to cloud software applications. Technical literacy could be the tipping point between choosing your company or a competitor.


An on-premise only program restricts the combined business solutions you can provide. With a cloud model of your ERP, it is possible to package your software programs with suggested third-party options and increase your upselling power. For example, would you like to link ecommerce website sales to your accounting financial software, warehouse management, and distribution to reduce your workload and increasing staff time for customer service activities? It is difficult without the various options available through a cloud-based solution.

Reduce information technology (IT) glitches:

Programmers who can update and nurture older application code are expensive and difficult to find, which leads to software down time and the potential for lost revenue. Cloud software is maintained over multiple redundant servers to maximize your online presence and updated by the provider to minimize IT expenses.

Fulfill client demands:

Have your clients been requesting features that are only accessible inside the cloud? Perhaps they want to review purchasing reports while traveling or set product alerts when costs drop below a certain price? Decision makers are demanding quick and “easy” accessibility to increasingly complicated information. Help them find it through cloud-based ERP software solutions.

The cloud is the best way to include multiple users and improve overall functionality in a scalable manner. By taking advantage of the cloud software systems, you will be solidifying the basis for an end-to-end innovative solution that satisfies your customers' needs.


Advanced Solutions & Consulting, Co. is a certified partner of both Microsoft and Acumatica with California offices in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, another in Las Vegas, and also in Phoenix. If you are looking for answers on the benefits of moving your ERP system to cloud software, please contact us. We are happy to help you identify the most effective options for your business.

by Patricia Porras, Advanced Solutions and Consulting, Co.



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