4 Big Reasons Why Small Companies Should Adopt a Cloud ERP Solution


If yours is a startup or a small business, you may have assumed that you need less in the way of business process software than do your larger counterparts. You might think that ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions are only for larger established companies. In the past, that may have been true, but with today’s business atmosphere and the huge technological advancements of the last ten years, cutting edge technology is now available for any size business.

Perhaps you wonder if you should implement an ERP solution. You may be concerned about costs, time involved in implementation or IT resources necessary to keep it up to date and running smoothly. Your perception may be that your business can manage just as well with manually run operation like Excel spreadsheets. That perception is no longer valid. Failure to utilize the more advanced methods and tools of ERP can result in potentially costly errors, redundant efforts and frustration.

You’ll be glad to know that advancements in technology have eliminated most of the issues that formerly deterred small businesses from looking into ERP solutions.

We present 4 big reasons why your small business should implement a Cloud ERP solution.


With so much of business life lived “in the cloud”, even small and startup companies can enjoy flexibility in accessing their ERP systems. Using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, your data is available whenever you need it, wherever you have internet access. You no longer have to go into the office to retrieve valuable data that you may need in the field or at home.


Having your ERP hosted in the cloud means that you eliminate the need for on premise servers and in house IT professionals. With cloud hosting, you purchase and use the software as needed on a subscription basis. Since the investment is on a monthly basis, you can cancel at any time and not be stuck with a huge technology investment that you no longer need. Your data belongs to you, but hardware and IT maintenance, as well as stringent security, are the responsibility of the cloud service provider. This saves a huge amount of money at startup and the ongoing costs are competitive.

Faster Implementation

You know that your small business cannot afford to be interrupted by a lengthy, complicated ERP software implementation. With Cloud ERP, implementation is quickly accomplished.  Nor can you afford the time or resources for extensive ongoing training costs. Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed on a platform that your staff is familiar with and boasts intuitive dashboards that are similar to commonly used Microsoft Office products such as Outlook. You will be up and running without interruption to your normal business practices.

Ease-of-Customization and Extension

ERP solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics GP are designed and built with the concept of customization and add-on applications in mind.  Interfaces, roles and processes can easily be tailored to your business, cutting down costs on customization time.  Starter and Extended packages allow companies to save money by purchasing a package that meets their bare minimum required, without the added costs of unnecessary functionality. A wide range of functions can be added to Microsoft Dynamics GP by integration with third party applications. Choose functionality based on your particular business needs at a price you can afford.


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