3 Reasons to Consider Switching to Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud

 Do you ever feel anxious when considering the security of your business’s data or overwhelmed when faced with the daunting task of making sure that everything is backed up regularly? If you would rather concentrate on running your business than on taking care of these technical chores, perhaps it’s time for you to consider hosted ERP.

It’s not always an easy decision of whether to maintain your ERP solution on premise or move it to the cloud; there is something to be said for both models. But there are three areas in which hosted ERP makes sense. Consider these areas:


Deploying your ERP solution in the cloud removes that nagging anxiety about the security of your data. A hosting provider must necessarily build their business around the concept of providing even tighter security than you could provide at your own office. They must and can ensure that our data is continually backed up and proofed against loss. You can breathe easier knowing that data security is in the hands of experts in the field. You’ll have confidence that even if your office suffers an earthquake, flood or fire, your data will be secure and can be accessed from anywhere at any time. 

Technical Knowledge

Your hosting partner will have a team of IT professionals on hand around the clock. You can leave all the technical work to someone who has made a career of solving internet puzzles and problems.  You no longer have to think of “customizations,” “compliance” or “rebooting” and instead, you can focus on the work you do best and on growing your business. Updates are automatic and performed without any input from onsite IT.


Whether yours is a startup business, a small company experiencing, or hoping to experience, growth or a larger company seeking to expand and increase scale and scope, hosted Dynamics GP is designed to grow with your business. Add employees, expand into new markets, open an overseas branch; Microsoft Dynamics GP in the Cloud has you covered. Delivering the same fine level of service and efficiency as Microsoft on premise always has, hosted Microsoft Dynamics also frees you up to go mobile with your business as it’s accessible anytime from anywhere using a variety of mobile devices.

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