How NetSuite Enables Sales and Marketing Growth

When it comes to running a Marketing Agency two of the most vital areas are marketing yourselves to potential customers, and managing those customers you succeed in selling yourself to. Some businesses can struggle with these areas, but NetSuite offers valuable tools to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sales productivity.

By streamlining and integrating systems that were once all separate entities, NetSuite offers your agency the tools needed to spur on sales growth. Where once tracking growth was done manually or in spreadsheets, with NetSuite it can all be done in one place, which saves time and allows employees to focus on other, more beneficial activities. This also eliminates the need for a separate administrative support staff to handle such tasks as entering orders. NetSuite users also reported increased sales capacity due to the increased number of calls per day they could field thanks to the time they're no longer spending on “housekeeping” tasks, some reporting up to double the pre-NetSuite number of calls taken. All this adds up to a 30-50% increase in sales productivity.

NetSuite also improves billing efficiency, by streamlining and integrating what were once largely manual and Excel based systems. By eliminating this time consuming manual process, it not only frees up employees for other activities, but wipes out human errors caused by the increased workload due to the increase in average number of billings, thanks to the increase in customers. The automated interactions between ad-servers and the billing system, as well as the automated e-mail system, have maximized efficiency for NetSuite users, some reporting increases as high as 75%.

Customer satisfaction is difficult to quantify, but NetSuite provides businesses with tools to help increase customer support and satisfaction. By giving account managers the ability to see all the relevant accounting, demographic, and customer service information directly NetSuite enables them to provide better, fact-based customer support quickly. By increasing the speed and accuracy of their customer service, businesses report increased customer satisfaction.

In a world where even the smallest of margins can give your Agency the advantage over your competitors, these increases can't be ignored. NetSuite offers the tools to give your company an edge that could be the difference between success and failure.

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By Socius, a Ohio's Largest NetSuite provider

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