Top 3 Common Characteristics of Successful ERP Software Implementations

When ERP implementations go wrong, everyone is left wondering how that could have happened. With all the planning, time and resources involved, surely success should follow. Implementations may fail for varied reasons, but we’ve identified 3 characteristics that are common to successful ERP software implementations. Put these in place and your ERP implementation will go right, right from the start.

  1. Executive support

The executive team must realize and promote the value of the project and be onboard throughout the process. Without executive buy-in, it will be impossible for team members to remain enthusiastic and positive throughout the task of implementation and the need to learn new ways of doing their jobs. Unless everyone sees the big picture, it will be too easy to just keep doing things ‘the way we’ve always done it.’ Your promising ERP system will be like the exercise bike/clothes rack.

  1. Active participation by all team members

Each team member should have a voice and a time to express what they hope the ERP implementation will mean for their job.  Certainly not every whim can be accommodated, but with team input, many needs will be addressed. This will assure that they will enthusiastically support the implementation and look forward to using the new system.

  1. Focus on business objectives.

Today’s ERP solutions have almost endless possibilities and capabilities. But if you get bogged down in trying to learn and use every single feature, it will be hard to stay focused on what you really need in order to accomplish your business objectives. Your ERP system could seem like a maze rather than the great tool it really is. Later, down the road, you can learn about all the other great features and how they can further enhance your business processes.

If these criteria seem overly simple, trust us.  They’re often forgotten in the crush of milestones and deadlines associated with any accounting/ERP software implementation.  Check the pulse of your accounting/ERP software implementation project frequently and go back to these basics as often as necessary.

By Altico Advisors, now Sikich, Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains) partner specializing in Manufacturing and Distribution systems


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