Test Drive Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 with a 30 Day Free Trial

Test Drive Microsoft Dynamics GP 15 with a 30 Day Free Trial

Free trials are great. They allow you to explore and test drive the most up to date version of Microsoft Dynamics GP (2015) in your own office and at your own pace.

Intelligent Technologies Inc. and goERPcloud.com, the number one Microsoft cloud ERP solution provider, have teamed up to offer free, fully functional, cloud based trials of GP 2015. Click here to start your trial now.

Perhaps you’re not fully convinced that now is the right time for you to try Dynamics GP 2015. Here are some frequently asked questions about the offer; the answers should help you decide.

How long will it take to sign up?                                                                                                                   The signup process is quick and easy and can be completed in as little as five minutes. Three simple steps and you can begin your free trial.
Will I need a credit card to sign up for the free trial?                                                                         No, a credit card is not necessary. All GoERPcloud.com needs is a valid email address. Using your corporate email rather than a web based client such as Gmail, Hotmail, MSN, etc will speed up the process as those require GoERPcloud.com to contact you to make sure that you are a live person.
Is a 30 day trial really a fair estimate of how Dynamics GP 2015 will meet my particular business needs?
The30 day trials we offer through this goERPcloud.com special are tailored to meet the needs of a wide variety of industries including:


Professional services

E commerce


Supply chain


Additional industries are coming soon.

I’d also like to consider a CRM solution. Does Dynamics GP 2015 integrate with CRM?   Yes! In fact, the 30 day trial of GP 2015 that we offer also comes fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Test drive both solutions at the same time and and see for yourself how seamlessly they work together. If you are thinking about integrating Dynamics GP with another system you already own, contact us and we can discuss your specific needs.

Is the trial version restricted in any way?
No. This test drive gives you full access to Dynamics GP 2015. Your trial version will be configured with databases that are relevant to your industry, so you can begin using it right away and evaluate how it meets your needs.
If I start with a cloud based trial of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015, will I be locked into deploying it in the cloud if I decide to purchase the solution?
No. The trial is in the cloud, but your final installation doesn’t have to be. Intelligent Technologies, Inc. provides both on premise and hosted options. Our experts can help you decide which deployment model will best suit your needs.
I’d like to try Dynamics GP 2015, but am wary of testing out a new ERP system on my own.
We understand that not everyone feels comfortable using a new ERP system without any expert guidance. One of our friendly Dynamics GP professionals will get in touch with you shortly after your trial begins. We’ll discuss your needs and lead you through a custom demo that’s geared towards your specific questions and concerns.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to know Microsoft Dynamics GP 2015 and GoERPcloud and see what they can do for your business. Sign up now for your free trial and Intelligent Technologies will be more than happy to help you in any way.

By Intelligent Technologies, Inc.


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