Why an ROI Calculation Matters When Graduating from QuickBooks to Cloud ERP

Entry-level accounting solutions like QuickBooks become increasingly inefficient the larger your company grows. They contain many hidden costs represented by a lack of automation, manual processes, reliance on spreadsheets, and little or no business insight, all resulting in poor productivity.

When you switch to a modern, cloud-based system like Intacct, you leave those hidden costs behind while gaining an array of new hidden savings. Companies on Intacct consistently need less finance staff and IT and infrastructure resources, they increase productivity by an average of 22%, and they gain new insight and visibility into their business performance that helps make them more profitable.

This is why calculating your return on investment (ROI) is so important when evaluating changing to a modern, cloud ERP solution. Learn how it works in this short video (1:30). It includes the percent average ROI and pay-back period for companies that implemented Intacct:

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