NetSuite Tips & Tricks: Allocate Resources to Project Tasks

If your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is NetSuite, we’ve got good news. Allocating resources directly to projects tasks is now a possibility with the Resource Allocation feature! It used to be that the project resources had to be allocated to the project first, and then allocated to individual tasks. This will greatly benefit user’s time management by allowing quicker workflow patterns.

To create a new resource allocation in NetSuite, start by selecting your project in the Customer:Project field. The Project Task field will display all the available tasks for your project. Choosing a specific task will allocate the resource to the task in the project. Leaving the Project Task field empty will allocate resources to the selected project.

You will now see a Resources subtab on the project task record. This new subtab will list all project resources allocated to the task. The Estimated Work field will update for projects and project tasks based on the assigned time for each resource. Clicking New Resource Allocation in the Resources subtab will now create a new resource allocation.

RA 1

Resources that are allocated to individual tasks can now track time against the project tasks. The resource will no longer track any additional time against the project tasks if the allocation is deleted.

Two new fields on the project and project task records in NetSuite accounting software are Allocated Work and Percent Complete by Allocated Work. The Allocated Work Field lists the total number of hours assigned to the task and project. Percent Complete by Allocated Work shows the project’s progress based on the allocated resources. This is beneficial to see when projects are requiring more time than initially scheduled.

RA 2

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By: Tanya Weatherholt, Business Consultant, ERP/CRM Systems (NetSuite) at BCG Systems, Inc.

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