Game Changing Trend 4: Security across Devices and the Cloud

7 Gam Changing Trends: Why it's time to move to online accounting software

Every business today is a digital business. As the quantity of the electronic assets—from data to documents—of your company increases, so does the importance of protecting those digital assets.

Data on the move is data at risk

As your employees become more dependent on mobile devices, the risk for data theft increases, especially if the device is lost or stolen. Employees working at home or from hotels are at risk, keeping documents on unprotected hard drives and using unsecured WiFi.

The cloud can help reduce the risk

For most companies, a cloud-based ERP solution is better monitored and more secure than their current situation with servers managed in-house. Cloud computing has tremendous potential to improve your organization’s overall business systems’ security, especially for devices.

Cloud-based ERP supports better security with:

  • Access to the information that employees need without having to download spreadsheets or receive reports through email.
  • Portals and dashboards that safely deliver information about customers, projects, inventory, human resources—everything employees need to do their job on any device.
  • Access to corporate information without the data being at risk.

Mobile devices open a world of possibilities but come with inherent risk. With modern cloud solutions, you can use mobile with confidence.

What other trends will impact your business?

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7 Game Changing Trends: Why it's time to move to online accounting software

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