On Demand Demo: Acumatica Reporting

In our last blog and accompanying on-demand webinar, we demonstrated how flexible the Acumatica cloud solution really is. Many software systems claim to allow you to get work done anytime anywhere, but with Acumatica that isn’t just a false promise. It truly delivers. If you missed that post or any of the others in the series, you can catch up using the links below.


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But, for today’s post, I would like to turn your attention to Acumatica reporting.


A few of the reasons why Acumatica’s reporting capabilities stand head and shoulders above the rest:

  • Easily accessible data – The reports in Acumatica can be exported in a variety of formats including, Excel spreadsheets and PDFs. That way, you can quickly share them with your teammates. And, you can slice and dice the data until your heart’s content using a data analysis tool that feels most natural to you.
  • Embed and share reports – Have you ever found yourself needing to embed a report in a presentation, or another file that you were going to share with coworkers or business partners? If so, you probably know how time-consuming it can be to take data out of your ERP and turn it into a format that is easily shareable. But, with Acumatica this is a breeze. Every Acumatica report comes with handy links that you can copy and paste into just about any other application, including but certainly not limited to, Microsoft PowerPoint. That way, the data you need to make your point is always right at hand.
  • Grant access to those who need it – Wish there was an easier way to regularly share data with coworkers or business partners? Don’t waste time constantly emailing them screenshots or PDFs of the reports that they need to see. Let them access the reports that are relevant to them anytime they want. Unlike many other traditional ERP solutions, Acumatica does not charge based on the number of users your company has. That way, you can make anyone who needs access to data stored within Acumatica a user without worrying about ballooning costs. Think this sounds like an interesting concept, but are concerned about security? Don’t be. Acumatica allows you to determine unique security settings for each user so you can be sure that each person only has access to what they truly need, and nothing more.


To learn more about Acumatica reporting please take a look at this brief on-demand webinar.

Ready to explore Acumatica in greater detail? Great! Take a look at this webpage to discover what makes Acumatica one of the most popular cloud ERP solutions on the market today.

Have questions about Acumatica and whether or not it is right for your business? No problem. Feel free to contact us or leave your questions in the comments below. Our friendly ERP experts are ready and willing to discuss your unique business needs.

By: Laura Heinbockel, Intelligent Technologies Inc., a North Carolina Acumatica partner, www.inteltech.com

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