8 Reasons a Startup Should Start with Dynamics GP Instead of QuickBooks Enterprise

From humble beginnings a small startup could grow into a mighty empire! Isn’t that what you envisioned in the first place? So why start with starter accounting software like QuickBooks and then have to invest again in the near future for an ERP solution that can handle your growth?

Here are 8 reasons to start up your startup with Microsoft Dynamics GP instead of QuickBooks Enterprise:

1) Training

In the beginning, you may only need core financial functionality: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation, for example. Although Dynamics GP is a powerful ERP system, it still has a friendly interface. It will not be any more difficult for your team to learn to use Dynamics GP than to learn QuickBooks and once the knowledge is there it will be useful for the life of your growing business.

Start with Dynamics GP right away and get the learning curve out of the way once and for all.

2)  Buy once

You know you plan to grow; this means that eventually you will move anyway to a more advanced system. Why pay for QuickBooks Enterprise when you will never be able to recoup the cost when the time comes to move up? Why pay for two systems?

Start with Dynamics GP right away and watch how it handles your growth.

 3)  Data Conversion

Changing systems is a pain, and the biggest chore is data conversion. The time and expense of converting your QuickBooks data to Dynamics GP when you realize it’s time to upgrade systems, may be more than you bargained for. Did you realize that the cost of converting could be more than you originally spent on your starter software?

And converting from online/cloud software can add another element of complication. In what form will your data be given back to you?

Start with Dynamics GP right away and there will be no data conversion costs as you grow.

4) Transaction History  

When you convert from QuickBooks to Dynamics GP, you will likely not bring forward all of your data. Items like check history and customer payment history are generally too costly to convert. You would have to keep running back to QuickBooks to check on prior activity. Now you have two systems running!

Start with Dynamics GP right away and you’ll have all your data in one place, right at your fingertips.

 5)  Database 

QuickBooks has its own proprietary database; Dynamics GP runs on a Microsoft SQL database. If all of your other company data is in SQL, it just makes sense to have databases that “talk” to each other. This gives you more control and flexibility in terms of reporting and integration. Many companies like to standardize with a Microsoft office.

Start with Dynamics GP right away and all your business processes will be coordinated.

 6)  Integration

Because Dynamics GP is built on the open Microsoft SQL database platform it means it is much easier to integrate other systems to Dynamics GP than to QuickBooks. Integration cuts down on manual data entry and incomplete reporting.

Start with Dynamics GP right away and cut down on duplicate data entry.

 7)  GAAP Compliance – Dynamics GP is a GAAP compliant system. This insures that data cannot just be scrapped without keeping any record of the deletion activity.  QuickBooks is not GAAP compliant. Many startup businesses are working with investors or venture capital firms that demand to know that information is secure and less prone to fraud. Any audit of your company books is certain to be smoother when using Dynamics GP.

Start with Dynamics GP right away and sleep better at night.

 8) Extra functionality

Dynamics GP is designed to allow your business to grow. Its additional functionality and custom designed modules will be ready for you when you are ready.  For example, Dynamics GP has a robust fixed assets system, automatic allocations and consolidated reporting across multiple companies.  QuickBooks just doesn’t have the same level of functionality.  And inventory and job costing capabilities are vastly superior with Dynamics GP.

Start with Dynamics GP right away and get the functionality you need now and that you will need in the future.

 So why start out with QuickBooks?  Why buy two systems? Dynamics GP is less expensive, more secure and has more functionality now and in the future as you need it. Start with Microsoft Dynamics GP right now and grow your empire!

If you are a startup company looking to compare your accounting software options, call CAL Business Solutions 860-485-0910 x4 or www.calszone.com

Find out more in the white paper “30 Questions Every CFO Needs To Ask About the Cost of Accounting Software”.

By George Mackiewicz, CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner, www.calszone.com


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