Wearable Technology Connects Business

Wearable gadgets are not just for the fitness crazed; many businesses are discovering how wearables and other connected devices can improve traditional operations.  Manufacturers can connect all aspects of production including people, tools and machines, and raw materials or finished products.  The data that can be captured from manufacturing operations can be seamlessly integrated with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, then used to improve production activities, quality or accuracy of execution, and traceability.  This technology can improve productivity, profitability, and satisfy customers in a highly competitive marketplace.

Modern cloud-computing is connecting companies with their data better than ever.  Sales professionals, field services teams, or other colleagues in the field can capture, enter, or access data from nearly any location, at any time.  Extending this connectivity into the warehouse and onto the shop floor isn’t as far-fetched as it may seem.  Barcodes and scanners can provide real-time insight into inventory whether it’s entering your warehouse, making its way through the manufacturing process, or heading to your valued customer.  Now, with the right technology, you can connect any machines or tools to your systems from torque wrenches to CNC machines, adding a whole new level of insight to your operations.

The PLEX Manufacturing Cloud can connect your people, processes, and machines which can add time-saving automation to manufacturing operations.  With these connections, you can monitor data and process flows while monitoring labor productivity and profitability.  This insight can provide the visibility you need to streamline processes, reduce wasteful activities, and make improvements to manufacturing operations while also improving product quality and profitability.  For example, you can monitor inventory usage, breakage, or loss, then use this data to strengthen supply chain operations including choosing suppliers, making procurement decisions, and protecting against losses in the warehouse or during manufacturing operations.

There are likely many mobile devices in your building already including smartphones, tablets, scanners, and printers.  Add to that list wearable devices such as smart watches and smart glasses and the data you capture can be used to further streamline operations and improve productivity.  Connect your people, processes, and machines to leverage the resulting data to your competitive advantage.  Contact AccuPointe for more information about the Plex Manufacturing Cloud and how strengthening your connections can strengthen your business.

By AccuPointe, an ERP and CRM Partner out of North Carolina

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