Start The New Year Strong With A Powerful Finance And Accounting Solution

This time of year, many business managers take stock of the strengths and weaknesses experienced throughout the year and make strategic plans for the upcoming year.  Accounting and financial management plays a big role with cash flow, investing in the right areas, and profitability.  Start off the New Year strong with the support of a strong financial and accounting solution.

As you are wrapping up third quarter reports and head into the last quarter of this calendar year, you may already be considering strategic plans and goals for next year.  You might create new sales or financial goals, thin down budgets in one area or expand budgets in another, or choose to get a firm handle on inventory and procurement processes.  In order to make these important business decisions, you need a business management solution that can deliver reliable, accurate insight into business operations as well as the financial implications of those operations.  Now is the time to replace entry-level or inadequate software with stronger technology.

A powerful financial and accounting solution, such as Intacct, can provide the control and the insight you need to measure, monitor, and achieve strategic goals.  Intacct can be deployed quickly and offers the flexibility needed to manage industry-specific business operations, as well as other operations unique to your business.  This solution is a step up from entry-level solutions, such as QuickBooks or and offers a higher return on investment with a lower cost of ownership.

Intacct offers many time-saving automations that can streamline common daily accounting tasks.  These automations improve productivity, add consistency during data-entry and data-sharing, and protect the integrity of your data.  The less time spent handling data or re-keying information from one software program into another, the more time you have to leverage data to your competitive advantage.  In addition, you can use real-time visibility into your financial position to make the smart business-decisions that drive growth.

Start the year off on the right foot with the support of a powerful finance and accounting solution, like Intacct.  Contact BTerrell Group to learn more about this solution and how it can position your business for success next year and for years to come.

By BTerrell Group, an Intacct Premier Partner

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